Question Answer sidewalks It is next to the road grumbled Complained in a low voice. wailed Made a long cry. traders People who sell and buy things as a business. blossomed Grew or developed lonesome Not often visited by people. runt animal, person, or plant which is smaller than usual size humble not proud envy …

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Journalism final

Question Answer What is not a commonly recognized news value? Accuracy Which news value would be applied to determine the importance of an event that happens close to home? Proximity Which new value would be used to determine the relative importance of these two events- an accident where three people are injured or an accident …

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Term Definition renown fame usurper one who takes someone else's place/authority by force oracle transmitter of prophecies abashed embarrased manifest more clear, understandable portent sign, warning pedestrian simple, plain, ordinary torrent turbulent, overwhelming

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Romeo and Juliet Characters

Question Answer Romeo Fall in love with Juliet at the Capulet Ball Lord Montague Romeo's father Lady Montague Romeo's mother Benvolio Nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo Rosaline The woman Romeo is in love with in Act I Juliet Falls in love with Romeo and marries him Lord Capulet Juliet's father. He wants her …

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Stack #2625421

Question Answer what two colonies in north America? Virginia colonies England colonies New Amsterdam was a seaport city. TRUE Enslaved Africans were forced to work in the Virginia Colony. TRUE Sir Walter Raleigh sent settlers to Roanoke Island TRUE Which word best describes a patroon? landowner New Jersey was created from a part of New …

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Term Definition Front A front usually a line separation between warm and cold air masses. Cold front Of two different air masses one cool and one warm .A blue line with teeth pointing in one direction. Warm front one red line with circle pointing toward movement.

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Stack #2625398

Term Definition Atmosphere the mass of air surrounding a planet Atmospheric Pressure The pressure exerted by the atmosphere on all objects within it Barometer an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure Heterosphere The upper layer of the atmosphere, which exists higher than roughly 80 kilometers ( 50 miles ) above sea level Jet Stream narrow …

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Microbiology Lab Part 3

Question Answer use to stain yeast? methylene blue yeast method wet mound yeast visual budding What ways can we determine motility in the lab Wet Mount slideHanging Drop slide Hanging Drop slide examining living, unstained, very small organisms. The traditional procedure employs a glass slide with a circular concavity in the centre into which a …

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Vocab Ch. 10-14

Question Answer Assuage (verb) To make easier to handle (such as burden or a task) Sinuous (adjective) Snake-like and wavy Ominous (adjective) Showing a sign of something bad to come Irrational (adjective) Unable to reason with logic Assimilate (verb) To adopt the ways and adapt into culture or society Destination (noun) The goal of a …

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Stack #2625401

Question Answer which colony lives in the south? Virginia, and also the colony of Maryland The Hudson river was served as? a major transportation link to a rich land of farms, forests, and furs what is a patroon? The landowners who received these grants What year did the English sent a fleet to attack New …

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