Structured and psychoeducational groups fit well into todays managed care scene because: • They can be designed as brief and cost-effective treatments The broad purposes of a therapeutic group are: • To increase members’ knowledge of themselves and others All group leaders should have some of the same competencies: • Ability to distinguish among group …

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Gay Conversion Therapy

Why are people gay? Epigenetic, genetics, CAH girls have higher rates of same sex attraction What is conversion therapy? Conversion therapy is a methd of changing a homosexual’s orientation and mannerisms to fit heteronormative standards. Forms of conversion therapy Electroshock, camps, hypnosis, exorcisms, corrective rape Problem with Therapy Not successful, APA no longer classifies homosexuality …

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Mental Health HESI Hints: Therapeutic Communication and Therapy Modalities

Coping/Defense Mechanisms automatic psychological processes that protect the individual against anxiety and from awareness of internal and external dangers and stressors Helpful Communication Techniques: Acknowledgment Recognize client’s opinions without imposing own values or judgement Helpful Communication Techniques: Clarifying Making sure you have understood the meaning of what was said Helpful Communication Techniques: Confrontation Use judiciously- …

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Personal Construct Therapy [George Kelly]

PERSONAL CONSTRUCT THERAPY how the client experiences the world – people choose the way they deal with the world and there are always alternative ways of doing so. Personal Constructs bipolar dimensions of meaning [e.g. happy/sad, competent/incompetent, friendly/unfriendly] Personality Theory how one construes events View of Maladaptive Behavior anxiety, hostility, and maladaptive behaviors as a …

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USU COMD 3120–Working with Parents, Adult Articulation Test, Good Therapy Materials

SLP Ethical Obligations 1) ASHA’s Principle of Ethics I, “Individuals shall honor their responsibility to hold paramount the welfare of persons they serve,” which includes the children who are in need of our advocacy to honor their needs above their parents’ wishes. 2) ASHA’s Principle of Ethics III also states that it is our responsibility …

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Medical Intervention 3.3 and 3.4 KTs

Biofeedback The technique of making unconscious or involuntary bodily processes (as heartbeat or brain waves) perceptible to the senses in order to manipulate them by conscious mental control Chemotherapy The use of chemical agents in the treatment or control of disease or mental disorder Metastasis The spread of a disease-producing agency (such as cancer cells …

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Therapeutic Modalities Chapter 8

Indication – condition that could benefit from a specific modality Contraindication – condition that could be adversely affected by a particular modality During practice, a lacrosse player sustains a contusion to the posterior aspect of the upper arm. A bag of crushed ice is applied to the injured area using a compression wrap. Should the …

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