First Aid 2016 Rapid Review – Key Associations

Actinic (solar) keratosis Precursor to squamous cell carcinoma Acute gastric ulcer associated with CNS injury Cushing ulcer (increased intracranial pressure stimulates vagal gastric H+ secretion) Acute gastric ulcer associated with severe burns Curling ulcer (greatly reduced plasma volume results in sloughing of gastric mucosa) Age ranges for patient with ALL/CLL/AML/CML ALL: child, CLL: adult > …

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What does S in SAMPLE stand for? Signs and Symptoms. What does A in SAMPLE stand for? Allergies. What does M in SAMPLE stand for? Medications. What does P in SAMPLE stand for? Pertinent Past Medical History. What does L in SAMPLE stand for? Last Oral Intake. What does E in SAMPLE stand for? Events …


CPR/ First Aid Final Exam

The greatest threat from an avulsion wound is: lack of circulation to the flap. If the barb on a fishhook has penetrated the skin, the best remedy is to: have a physician remove it. Open wounds characterized by sharp, even cuts with smooth edges are: incisions. Most clamping injuries involve: hands. An impaled object should …

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First Aid OBGYN Notes

define PID % sexually active women who get PID 4MC organisms of PID lab results and clinical presentation of PID gold standard for PID diagnosis 3 things you need to diagnose PID 1. 2. 3. when do you hospitalize someone who you diagnose PID in 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. mnemonic = GU PAP treatment …

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HESM 281: Test 1

Who usually takes over the emergency medical care of a patient at the scene after an Emergency Medical Responder has initiated care? EMT’s Dressings, bandages and other equipment that have been used in emergency care should be replaced – As soon as possible Which of the following is NOT considered an EMS professional? Patient’s usual …

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First Aid Acronyms

ECSI Emergency Care and Safety Institute AHA American Heart Association NSC National Safety Council ARC American Red Cross OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration FDA Food and Drug Administration CDC Center for Disease Control AMA American Medical Association ACEP American College of Emergency Physicians AAOS American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons ABCs Airway, breathing, circulation CAB …

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Naui Scuba certification notes

a diving watch must be able to withstand pressure and measure____________ Elapsed time An irregular breathing pattern (skip breathing) while diving will possibly cause_______________ Carbon dioxide excess Which is the most effective way to descend while maintaining orientation and attempting equalization of the ears? Feet first If during a dive you and your buddy become …

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First Aid Ch11

The human musculoskeletal system is composed of more than _____ muscles 600 which of the following is NOT one of the four major functions of the skeletal system? protect against infection a special type of tissue that contracts when stimulated is: muscle Highly specialized connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone is ligaments a ligament …

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